The International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) is a professional membership association that provides a central resource for a number of scientific disciplines with an interest in the assessment of skeletal health. Founded in June of 1993, the Society was the first of its kind worldwide.

ISCD offers its members numerous programs and opportunities to support our mission and ensure excellence in skeletal health assessment:

  • Comprehensive Educational Courses – in bone densitometry, body composition, and vertebral fracture recognition (VFA) to name a few.
  • Certification – encompassing both Clinicians and Technologists in the field of Bone Densitometry. ISCD is the only organization offering an international certification for clinicians as Certified Clinical Densitometrists (CCD) and one of only two offering an international certification to Technologists as Certified Bone Densitometry Technologists (CBDT).
  • Facility Accreditation – developed from over 20 years of educating and advocating for quality in the field of skeletal health assessment. It brings together all the components of quality output within an facility and is the only accrediting body in this field.
  • Public Policy – a leader at the Federal, State, Regulatory and 3rd party payer level in efforts to ensure patient access to appropriate diagnostic tests, acceptance of our certification and accreditation designations and in assisting members with reimbursement and adverse determination issues.
  • Official Positions – developed for both adults and pediatrics, they establish standards of practice through a rigorous process involving independent panels of experts.
  • Journal of Clinical Densitometry (JCD) – publishes the latest clinical research on the uses of bone mass and density measurements in medical practice, as well as state of the art review on critical topics. The focus of JCD is bone mass measurement, including epidemiology of bone mass, how drugs and diseases alter bone mass, new techniques and quality assurance in bone mass imaging technologies, and bone mass health/economics.
  • Annual Scientific Meeting  – encompasses all medical disciplines and specialists involved in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of skeletal health related diseases. Provides the most current, clinically relevant, concepts related to skeletal health.

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Last modified: July 25, 2016