Dr. Sydney Bonnick ISCD Technologist Award for Excellence in Densitometry

Awarded to the ISCD technologist who consistently exceeds expectations in the daily clinical practice of densitometry by exemplifying the highest level of quality and knowledge.

Wendy Tolman-Andrews2016 Wendy Tolman-Andrews, BS, RT(R)(BD), CBDT

  • 2001 Gerald Avery, RT(R)(N), CNMT, CDT
  • 2002 Barbara A. “Bonnie” Blunt, RT, MPH, CDT
  • 2003 Rogene Tesar, PhD, CCD, CDT
  • 2004 Monica Lewis, RT, CDT, Kathleen T. Lakatos, RT, CDT
  • 2005 Dee Steinberg, CDT
  • 2006 Joyce A. Bemiller, RT, CDT
  • 2007 Stephanie Grzyboloski RT(R), AC(R), CDT, Joan P. Metcalfe, RN, BA, MA, CDT
  • 2008 Martha L. Manilla-McIntosh, BS, RT(R), CDT
  • 2009 Heidi H. Kecskemethy, B.S., RD, CSP, CDT
  • 2010 Mary C. Schoeller, RT(R), CDT, Nellie Vallarta-Ast, RT(R), CDT
  • 2011 Nancy Elizabeth Villagrana, CDT
  • 2012 Janet Hasley, CBDT
  • 2013 Nancy C. Grinnell, CBDT
  • 2014 Lawrence G. Jankowski, CBDT & Stephen T. Robertson, CBDT
  • 2015 Susan van der Kamp, RGN, CDT


Last modified: June 21, 2016