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Charge: The Board shall have and is vested with all powers and authorities to supervise, control, direct and manage the property, affairs and activities of the ISCD. Policies cannot be set by any individual officer, Board member, committee, committee member, or any other ISCD member. All ISCD policies must receive Board approval. The Executive Committee may act in the name and with the full power of the Board during intervals between meetings of the Board on any matter requiring action by the Directors.

Meetings:  The board meets in person twice a year in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and ASBMR. In addition, the board holds 2 - 3 conference calls throughout the year.
For more information on the ISCD Board of Directors, including; election of directors, officers, terms of office, etc.. please view the ISCD bylaws

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Name Email Position
Shepherd, John President
Carey, John President-Elect
Blank, Robert Vice-President
Queen, Kate Treasurer
Colquhoun, Anita Secretary
Leslie, William Immediate Past President
Lee, Joon-Kiong Asia-Pacific Regional Panel Chair
Cheung, Angela Canadian Regional Panel Chair
Edwards, Beatrice Certification Chair
Gordon, Catherine Education Chair
Carey, John European, Middle Eastern and African Regional
Shuhart, Christopher Facility Accreditation Chair
Camargos, Bruno Iberian-American Regional Panel Chair
Hamdy, Ronald JCD Editor-in-Chief
Gill, Ranjodh Membership, Marketing & Communications Chair
Lewiecki, E. Michael Public Policy Chair
Buehring, Bjoern Scientific Advisory Chair
Brown, Peter Ex-Officio-Executive Director
Baim, Sanford Past President Ex-Officio
Bilezikian, John Past President Ex-Officio
Binkley, Neil Past President Ex-Officio
Hans, Didier Past President Ex-Officio
Kendler, David Past President Ex-Officio
Krueger, Diane Past President Ex-Officio
Laster, Andrew Past President Ex-Officio
Lewiecki, E. Michael Past President Ex-Officio
Miller, Paul Past President Ex-Officio
Petak, Steven Past President Ex-Officio
Schousboe, John Past President Ex-Officio
Tanner, S. Bobo Past President Ex-Officio
Watts, Nelson Past President Ex-Officio

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