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MISSION: The ISCD Certification Council serves to establish skeletal health assessment skills in bone densitometry by promoting best practice standards, competent evaluation, and continued professional development in bone densitometry.  The certification process recognizes attainment of the highest standard of achievement and professional excellence in the field of bone densitometry for clinicians and technologists.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. To establish policies and procedures for the ISCD certification programs and oversee the administration of the certification exams to meet industry standards.

2. To report to the Board concerning changes in policies and procedures for the ISCD certification programs.

3. To oversee the Council’s subcommittees:

    a. Test Subcommittee
    b. Item Writing Subcommittee
    c. Recertification Subcommittee
    d. Body of Knowledge Sub- committee
    e. Ethics Subcommittee

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Name Email Position
Helmrich, George Chair
Carroll, Monique Vice Chair
Becker, Jane Member
Cox, Caroline Member
Cummings, Legerthian Member
Foley, Abby Member
Francis, Lisa Member
Nichols, Jeanne Member
O'Gorman, Kathryn Member
Olenginski, Thomas Member
Oz, Orhan Member
Staunton, Kathy Member
Yau, Hanford Member
Bianco, Mary Public Member

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