Viewing Latin American Regional Panel

General Description: To address the mission of the ISCD and work towards achieving the goals and objectives of the ISCD in the Latin American region. The panel is a group of bone densitometry experts who will oversee the activities of the ISCD in the region.

Specific Responsibilities:

    1. Maintain a minimum of 25 ISCD members in the region.
    2. Supports development of Latin American meetings of the ISCD, including educational courses and certification exams that may be stand-alone meetings or held in conjunction with national or international meetings in the region.
    3. Facilitates communication of national and regional issues to the ISCD.
    4. Deals with regional professional issues related to development of the science and practice of densitometry.
    5. Assists in increasing ISCD membership in the region.

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Name Email Position
Maeda, Sergio Setsuo Chair
Pierotti Arantes, Henrique Member

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