Use of the ISCD Facility Accreditation Logo

Facilities accredited by the ISCD Facility Accreditation Program (FAP) are permitted and encouraged to display the accreditation logo as long as they comply with the following rules:

1. ISCD is the sole owner of the FAP accreditation logo. Accredited facilities will not assert or seek any rights other than those granted under these rules. No facility other than an accredited facility may display this logo. Facilities seeking accreditation or in some phase of the application process are not accredited and therefore may not use the logo.

2. ISCD will furnish a copy of the logo to ISCD accredited facilities at no cost upon accreditation.

3. ISCD grants each accredited skeletal assessment facility a nontransferable license to display the FAP accreditation logo. Accredited facilities may use the logo on brochures, signs, Web sites, stationery, and in other informational and promotional materials.

4. When accredited facilities use the accreditation logo on their websites, such websites must contain an active link to the ISCD website (

5. Accredited facilities may not alter, cause or authorize the alteration of the logo in any matter, other than permitted use of the entire logo in black or white type.

6. Accredited facilities may not insert any other words or phrases into the logo.

7. Discontinuation of accreditation shall terminate the license to display the FAP accreditation logo in any format. Facilities that have discontinued accreditation must suspend all uses of the accreditation logo and return remaining copies of the logo and related graphics to ISCD.

Reaccreditation: Facilities that are currently accredited are encouraged to apply for reaccreditation 90 days in advance of their expiration date. Please go to How-To Apply

Last modified: December 19, 2012