Certified Densitometry Technologist (CDT™®) Recertification


ISCD Certification lends assurance to patients, state regulatory agencies and third party payors that an individual has achieved a certain level of competence. By using limited-term certifications, ISCD assures that the certification holders have met the ISCD competency criteria and continue to keep their skills up-to- date. Continuing education is an integral part of the emphasis on education and is an essential tool for technologists and clinicians in delivering quality care. This assures the public and the medical community that certificants continue to provide quality professional care.

To maintain your certification using continuing education credits please complete the ISCD CDT™® international recertification application You must provide documentation of 35 hours of CME/CE credit or equivalent for your country of practice in the field of bone densitometry, osteoporosis, or metabolic bone disease from a minimum of two separate activities. Credit hours must be earned by attending formal educational programs, lectures, or seminars in the fields of bone densitometry, osteoporosis, or metabolic bone disease, and must include at least two different programs or activities. Please review the ISCD recertification application for detailed information regarding international recertification guidelines.

ISCD has several resources available to earn the CME/CE requirement in the field of bone densitometry, osteoporosis or metabolic bone disease.

If your CDT™® should lapse, you will be required to take the CBDT™® exam as the CDT™® exam is no longer offered.

Last modified: October 20, 2015