Title: December 2015- What Is It?

This is the fourth in a series of DXA images which were selected to receive special recognition at the 2015 ISCD Scientific Meeting held in Chicago, Illinois.

Submitted by: Phillip Kiersznowski CNMT, RTN.  Nemours/A.I. du Pont Hospital for Children

Brief History:

The patient is a 10 yr 5 mo old male, who is on chronic steroids for his medical condition and is only minimally ambulatory. Height 130.2 cm (5th percentile for age/gender); Weight 58.9 kg (>95th percentile for age/gender. Due to his condition, the legs were unable to be fully extended and were scanned in a lateral orientation.



  • What are some of the salient visual findings?
  • What medical condition does this patient have?

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