Title: July 2014 – Analyzing DXA’s with Soft Tissue Artifacts – Part II

Submitted by Maureen Costello, RT, CBDT. Division of Endocrinology, University of Chicago Medical Center.

Sixty-nine year old post natural menopause black female, without personal or family history of prior fractures. She is hypothyroid currently on replacement with normal TSH, and a history of lung cancer in remission for +10 yrs. The patient was properly gowned and gave no history of abdominal surgery or recent contrast studies, that could explain the present of this dense mass in the left lower quadrant. Addition imaging if clinically indicated was suggested in the final DXA report, but the findings or a definite etiology of this mass were not available at the date of this submission.



  • Would you accept the current analysis of this lumbar spine scan?
  • Was the calcified mass in the left lower quadrant adjacent to L3 properly identified by the software and excluded from the soft tissue baseline calculations? How can you tell?

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