Title: October 2017 – Abnormal Changes in BMD of the Hip

Submitted By: Steven Petak MD JD MACE FACP
Associate Clinical Professor Weill-Cornell Medical College
Division Head Endocrinology and Chief of Endocrinology, Houston Methodist Hospital

Patient History:
An 85 year old woman with mild hip pain – long standing – for routine DXA. Discordance changes noted at the hips, with increased BMD at the left hip (Figure 1) compared to the right hip. (Image not shown). (Figure 2).

Figure 1: DXA image of left hip Right hip image was unremarkable (not shown.)

Figure 2: DXA scan results. Degenerative changes at the spine limited assessment to only the upper two vertebral bodies.


  1. Are there abnormalities to the appearance, positioning, or analysis of the left hip?
  2. What possible etiologies can explain the left hip findings?

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