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Quality Bone Densitometry: Performance, Interpretation, and Clinical Application

An Osteoporosis Essentials Course of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry & International Osteoporosis Foundation

For Clinicians The core elements of this course serve to educate healthcare providers about bone densitometry and osteoporosis and to apply standard practices to assure quality performance and interpretation of bone densitometry studies. The course is offered in two parts. The first day sets the standard to perform Quality DXA interpretation. Day 2 focuses on the clinical assessment, prevention, treatment and management of osteoporosis and the essential role that high-quality DXA plays in treatment initiation decisions and monitoring of osteoporotic patients. Individuals may register for either part of the course separately or as a combined program. For Technologists The core elements of this program provide a set of standard practices and information to raise the quality of DXA exams and patient care. This is accomplished by increasing awareness of the technical expertise involved in bone densitometry and educating how to address the related challenges. The course focuses on the role a technologist plays in DXA exam acquisition and patient care.

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Pediatric Bone Densitometry Course

There are caveats that arise in the interpretation of BMD results from growing and developing children. Lectures will review children in a pediatric practice who may be at risk for a low BMD; a definition of osteoporosis in pediatric patients; diagnosis and management of osteoporosis in the child or adolescent with chronic disease; appropriate reporting of pediatric bone density results; and a review of peripheral quantitative tomography (pQCT) and other modalities to evaluate the peripheral skeleton. The ISCD Pediatrics BDC is an advanced densitometry course that provides an overview obtaining and interpreting bone mineral density (BMD) measurements in children and adolescents. Find a course Host this course internationally More Information

Vertebral Fracture Recognition Course

This is an advanced densitometry course that focuses on vertebral fracture imaging, which offers a significant advance in the diagnosis and management of patients at risk for osteoporotic fractures by allowing clinicians to identify and treat those who would not be recognized using a bone density test alone. This course discusses the importance of vertebral fractures in the clinical management of osteoporosis. It describes the appearance of a normal spine, vertebral fractures and other findings that may be confused with fractures. Detailed instruction is given regarding fracture recognition and methods used for their definition and classification. Patient positioning, image acquisition and analysis, which are helpful in optimizing the visualization of vertebral fractures, are also described. The course includes case-based interactions which help the attendees learn to recognize, classify and report vertebral fractures.
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DXA Body Composition Analysis Course

To educate healthcare professionals to successfully use DXA body composition analysis in the management of obesity, geriatric sarcopenia and other low muscle mass states, general health and pediatric skeletal disease. Case studies will be presented in the final lecture.
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Last modified: March 6, 2017