Osteoporosis Academy

In the US, Osteoprosis Academy is a grant funded program held prior to the ISCD Annual Meeting for fellow and residents. Attendance is by nomination only. The Academy provides ISCD with a vehicle in which to educate new professionals and encourage their interest and passion in diagnosing and managing osteoporosis in their patients. Each year we collect more data which ensures that we are increasing the number of well-trained professionals in the field.

By the end of the program, attendees are able to:

  • Describe the epidemiology of osteoporosis and the importance of therapy
  • Explain basic bone biology
  • Describe the clinical utility of DXA and VFA
  • Identify common pitfalls in DXA assessment
  • Assess fracture risk from BMD and clinical risk factors
  • List  limitations of fracture risk assessment including the use of FRAX
  • Identify who should be treated, including use of NOF guidelines
  • List common secondary causes of osteoporosis, understand when to evaluate
  • Describe non-pharmacologic management of osteoporosis
  • List medication choices including mechanism of action and safety profile

Osteoporosis Academy also can be offered internationally. Link to LOC interest form.

Last modified: February 13, 2013