Can I receive the materials prior to the course?

No. The materials are handed out at on site registration, just prior to the start of the course.

Will this course help me pass the exam?

It all depends on your style of learning. If face to face learning is your style, then the course can be a great asset. You will have opportunities to ask questions of the instructors if you do not understand any the material.

Is the certification exam offered right after the course?

Yes. The exam is computer-based and offered at PSI testing sites located throughout the US and Internationally AND paper pencil exam throughout the year at designated ISCD pre-selected sites. Further information about certification can be found on our website under Certification or by contacting our Certification Department at certification@iscd.org.

How much is the course?

The course fees range from $250 – $1060. It depends on 1. The type of course, 2. If you are a member or non-member, 3. If you are a Clinician or Technologist and 4. When you register.

If we are sending a lot of people to a course, is there a discount?

We do not offer group discounts.

Can we host a course at our facility?

Yes. For further information, please contact our Education Department at education@iscd.org or 860-259-1000 ext 103.

How long is the course?

The Osteoporosis: Essentials of Densitometry, Diagnosis and Management is a day and a half, though Day 2 is optional for Clinicians. Be sure to read the course description carefully. Vertebral Fracture Recognition and Pediatric BDC are both 4 hours. DXA Body Composition Analysis is 5 hours.

Do I have to stay for the entire course to receive credit?

Yes, in compliance with the ASRT and ACCME guidelines, you do need to stay for the entire course.

How many credits do I receive?

Each course is accredited for CME and CE. Please look under the course information for the specific number of credits awarded to each course.

How do I receive my credits?

After the course ends, you will be able to access the evaluation through our website (www.iscd.org), by logging in and clicking on “My Profile Page”. The evaluation will be located under the Events section. Once you complete the evaluator, you can print your CE/CME certificate immediately. Each attendee will receive instructions upon registration at the course.

How do I register for the course?

You can either sign up for the course online or by downloading the Registration Form and mailing or faxing it in with payment.

How do I access online education course materials after registering?

To access online education courses that you registered for, navigate back to the home screen at ISCD.org and click “my profile page” in the top right-hand corner. The courses will be listed under the “Online Learning” section.

I have lost my certificate, how can I receive a copy?

Once you have completed the evaluation, your certificate will be stored in our records. You can access at a later date through your personal profile page. You also can call the office at 860-259-1000 and ask for extension 100 for assistance.

How do I purchase the course materials without going to a course?

The current course materials are no longer for sale. If you are looking for the foundation materials to study for your certification exam, these found on our website under Certification.

Online Education – Can I download the assessment prior to the end of the session?

No, you cannot. It is only accessible after the session has been completed.


Last modified: September 20, 2018