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JCD Online subscribers which are also ISCD members have two options for accessing JCD Online that can be used interchangeably.

  • You can log in as a member on the ISCD Web site and then click the “JCD Online Subscriber Login” link on the Member Home page.


  • If you wish to personalize the JCD Online Web site and have access to such features as Auto Login, Citation Alert, etc., you need to login directly on the www.clinicaldensitometry.org site.  Note:  There is a one time registration process to complete on that site to set up your account (directions below).

Instructions for First Time Registration on the JCD Online Web site

This is an optional, one-time process which allows you to personalize your access to JCD Online Web site such as utilize the Auto Login feature. 

There are two steps to the process:
1) register on the JCD site and 2) claim access to JCD.
You will be asked to enter your ISCD Member Number as part of the process.  Your ISCD Member ID# is listed on your 2007 membership dues notice, is listed above your name on the mailing address panel of your SCAN® newsletter and is sent to all members with e-mail periodically throughout the year.  It will also be listed on your 2007 membership card that all renewing members will receive via mail.

1. Overview of the Registration Process
All users of JCD Online will need to register online at www.clinicaldensitometry.org. Once on the site, click on “Register” at the upper right part of the site. The registration process asks users to give their last name and e-mail address, which then prompts them to complete a user profile. The profile requests such information as principal field (specialty), work setting, profession, country, all of which can be selected from the menu provided. You will create your username and password during the registration process. Use the claim access link at the end of the registration process to activate access to your subscription immediately after registering.

2. Claiming Access for JCD Subscribers Who Receive Their Subscription as a Society Member Benefit
All JCD subscribers will first need to complete the initial registration process. They can then login to the site to claim their access to the full text articles. The “Activate Online Access” button is located on the right-hand side of the journal home page. This process requires the society name (selected from a drop down menu) and the user member number (use ISCD Member ID#) and last name. On the claim access screen, enter your information in the left hand box which states: “My society membership includes this journal”.  Once the process has been completed, users will receive an online confirmation.

Managing a User Profile/Changing a Password
Registered users can manage and update their profile or change their password by clicking on the link “My Profile,” located in the upper right part of the site.

  • Set the new Web site address, www.clinicaldensitometry.org, as a “Favorite” in your Internet browser.
  • The new Web site offers Auto-Login. The Auto-Login feature lets you login once and remain logged in even after you close your browser at the end of a session. With Auto-Login, each time you visit the site, your personal greeting will appear in the login area and you may begin accessing content immediately. To maintain your privacy, Auto-Login should only be used on a machine to which you have exclusive and secure access. Be sure to logout when using any system through which others may have access.
  • If you have forgotten your Password, then click Reminder link online and follow instructions to have your Password e-mailed to you. ISCD Headquarters doesn’t have access to this information.
  • If you have forgotten your Username, contact Elsevier Customer Service. ISCD Headquarters doesn’t have access to this information.
  • For additional assistance, users can access online Help (link is located at the bottom of any screen on the JCD Online site).

Questions About Using or Accessing the Elsevier Web site
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If Elsevier Customer Service can’t assist you or you have further questions about your subscription or access, contact Tonya Patterson, tpatterson@iscd.org

Last modified: March 22, 2016