How to calculate your total credits

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, to calculate your credits if you have both ISCD earned credits and self-reported credits, you are asked to look in two places (ISCD Learning Center and My Profile Page.) In November, we will be launching a new ISCD website with a new membership platform that will total the two for you. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we make this transition.

You can access the ISCD Learning Center the same way that you accessed your education previously by logging in to your account through home page banner image

Once in your profile, click on the link under ISCD Learning Center “Access online education opportunities.” This will bring you to our new Learning center

ISCD MyProfile landing page
Learning center home page
  • Click on “Earn Credits” to see your learning transcript and to calculate both your ISCD credits and your self-reported credits that you have earned.
  • To get your total number of ISCD credits, click on “MY TRANSCRIPT”
My Transcript selection image

You will be able to see the ISCD courses that you have taken and credits earned. You may also choose to download your credits as a pdf by clicking on “DOWNLOAD AS PDF” below.

Transcript selection image

If you go back to the Earn Credit screen, you also have the ability to add self-reported credits and to view your self-reported credits earned on your “My Profile Page.”

Self reported credits selection image

**Again, at this time, the credits will need to be calculated from two places (ISCD Learning Center and “My Profile Page.”) When we go live with our new ISCD website and member portal in November, there will be one total available for you. If you would like help with calculating your total, please contact We are happy to assist.

Last modified: July 10, 2020