How to tell the credits available for a course

** It is recommended that participants use one of the following browsers for best functionality: Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

You can access the ISCD Learning Center the same way that you accessed your education previously by logging in to your account through

Once in your profile, click on the link under ISCD Learning Center “Access online education opportunities.” This will bring you to our new Learning center

  • Find a course by clicking on the CATALOG button on the blue menu
  • Once you’ve selected the course, you will see under it’s title “includes credits
  • Hover over “includes credits” and a pop-up window will show you the available credits
  • Click on that box for an expanded view that shows more detail regarding the available credits
  • If you have already taken this course and earned the credits, when clicking on the box you will see the credits you have already earned through this course

Last modified: July 7, 2020