ISCD Relationships with Industry

The ISCD recognizes the important benefits of partnering with industry (for-profit organizations that may have a conflict of interest with the mission of The ISCD) that have led to major medical advances, thereby improving human health. The common interests of healthcare providers and industry to advance medical care makes collaboration valuable. Even so, there are potential risks with any relationship that includes the financial goals of industry, and these may at times conflict with the professional goals of The ISCD. It is a principle of the ISCD that collaborating with and accepting financial support from industry does not necessarily reflect a conflict of interest.

1) Educational Programs of the ISCD (CME events)

  • All CME events will follow ACCME Standards for Commercial Support and other appropriate local regulatory guidelines (3, 4).

2) Position Development Conferences (PDC)

  • Support 
    • In keeping with established ACCME guidelines for accepting commercial support from industry, support from industry for the PDC, if offered and considered appropriate, will be accepted in the form of educational grants for both the program and subsequent publications (3, 4).
  • Participation of Industry in the PDC
    • Employees of industry who have expertise, not otherwise available, may provide knowledge crucial to the PDC topics. Employees of industry may suggest, but cannot determine the PDC topics, content, or the Official Positions generated from the PDC.

3) Non CME Programs

  • Influence on Content
    • All non-CME programs of The ISCD are independent of all industry influence and as such industry will have no influence on the content.
  • Commercial Support
    • In keeping with established guidelines for accepting commercial support from industry, support for any non-CME program will be accepted in the form of educational grants for both the program and subsequent publications.
  • Transparency and disclosure
    • There will be full transparency and disclosure of financial relationships.

4) Disclosure of Board members and ISCD Committee Members Related to Relationships with Industry.

  • All members of The ISCD committees and Board members will provide disclosure of any financial relationships to industry.

5) General budgetary support

  • Financial support from industry will be accepted for the purpose of supporting the mission of The ISCD.

6) ISCD Publications

  • The content of The ISCD publications is free of industry influence. The Journal of Clinical Densitometry does accept paid advertising from industry.

7) Product endorsements

  • The ISCD will not endorse any industry products or services for the assessment or treatment of skeletal health.

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Our corporate partners support us in maintaining our national and international standing as the authoritative voice of densitometry.   If your organization is interested in learning more about becoming a corporate partner, contact Malley O’Shea at ISCD Headquarters (

Last modified: May 21, 2020