2019 Position Development Conference (PDC)

The International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) will hold its Position Development Conference (PDC) at its Annual Meeting in 2019. The PDC advances the field of skeletal assessment by developing Position Statements on important topics in skeletal assessment, through a rigorous, validated method. Examples of past topics range from nomenclature to scan acquisition and analysis, from the adoption of new technologies to monitoring of skeletal response, and beyond.

Call for Topics

We invite members to submit topics for consideration at the PDC. SUBMIT TOPICS NOW

Topic selection is overseen by ISCD’s Scientific Advisory Committee and the PDC Steering Committee Chairs. Some of the topic review criteria include:

  • Sufficient scientific research exists to warrant the creation of a Task Force and the convening of a PDC, with reasonable probability that Position Statements can be established with at least some scientific support.
  • Sufficient controversy or uncertainty in the field around aspects of a topic that Position Statements developed by a PDC would contribute to the field.
  • Position Statements developed by a PDC are relevant and applicable to the constituencies the ISCD serves. The greatest emphasis should be on clinical application and utility.
  • Topics are related to and supportive of ISCD’s Mission
  • Topics should be supportive of and help direct, ISCD educational programs.

We look forward to your input into this ISCD-exclusive activity, which advances the field of skeletal assessment for our membership and the bone health community.

Current Official Positions

Read the Current Official Positions Online:

Download pdf of the 2015 ISCD Adult Official Positions (note – you may need to right-click and choose ‘save link as’ to save pdf to your computer and then open with adobe acrobat)

Read Official Positions in Other Languages

Past Position Development Conferences

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