3rd ISCD Position Development Conference

ISCD Position Development Conferences are held every two years.  Attend to:

  • Address controversial issues in clinical densitometry
  • Meet and talk to industry leaders
  • Take a stand on key issues and help form ISCD Official Positions in clinical densitometry

2005 Position Development Conference

Controversies in Clinical Densitometry

July 16, 2005

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia

Thank you to all participants and attendees at the 2005 Position Development Conference held in July as well as the hard work of the steering committee, panel members and work groups.

  • Official ISCD Positions were developed based on the presentations and discussions at the Conference and are published on this Web site.
  • A new ISCD Official Positions brochure has also been published and a copy will be distributed to all ISCD members via the Quarter IV, 2005 SCAN® newsletter.
  • Position papers from the ISCD’s 2005 Position Development Position Conference were published in the ISCD’s Journal of Clinical Densitometry (JCD) Vol 9, No 1.

Thank you to our 2005 conference supporters:

Issues Considered for ISCD Positions

Vertebral Fracture Assessment (VFA) Issues

  • What nomenclature should be used for this technology?
  • What are the indications for VFA (initial assessment and follow-up)?
  • Should a specific system be used to define a fracture?  If so, which one?
  • What are the indications for imaging following VFA?
  • What should be the minimal components of a VFA report?

WHO Classification: Use in populations other than postmenopausal Caucasian women

  • Use of T or Z-scores with in premenopausal women and men younger than age 65
  • What risk factors allow application of the WHO criteria in men under the age of 65 or premenopausal women?
  • What diagnosis is appropriate for a man between 50-65 years of age who has a T-score equal to or less than -2.5?
  • Can the term osteopenia be used for any population other than postmenopausal women? If so, under what circumstances?
  • What normative database(s) should be used for T-score derivation in Non-Caucasian individuals?

WHO Classification: Applicability to various skeletal sites

  • Can the WHO classification be applied to a single vertebral body T-score?
  • Should the lowest T-score of the total proximal femur, femur neck and trochanter continue to be used for diagnosis?
  • Can the WHO classification be applied to bilateral femur measurements?
  • Should the ISCD endorse use of the NHANES database for proximal femur T-score derivation?

Bone Measurement Standards

  • What cross-calibration procedures should be performed when upgrading densitometers?
  • Cross-calibration between devices
  • Precision Assessment update
  • Is there a maximum allowable CV recommended for a center or technologist?

Position Papers

Position papers from the ISCD’s 2005 Position Development Position Conference were published in the ISCD’s Journal of Clinical Densitometry (JCD) Vol 9, No 1.

2005 Position Development Conference Steering Committee

  • Chair – Neil C. Binkley, MD, CCD
  • David L. Kendler, MD, CCD
  • Edward S. Leib, MD, CCD
  • E. Michael Lewiecki, MD, CCD
  • Steven M. Petak, MD, JD, CCD

2005 Position Development Conference Panel Members

  • Moderator – John P. Bilezikian, MD, CCD (USA)
  • Joao Lindolfo C. Borges, MD, CCD (Brazil)
  • Jacques Brown, MD (Canada)
  • Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan, MD (Lebanon)
  • Harry Genant, MD (USA)
  • Larry Jankowski, CDT, (USA)
  • John Kanis, MD (UK) (representing the International Osteoporosis Foundation)
  • Gary M. Kiebzak, PhD, CCD (USA)
  • Marius Kraenzlin, CCD (Europe) (representing the International Osteoporosis Foundation)
  • Andrew Laster, MD, CCD (USA)
  • Brian Lentle, MD, CCD (Canada)
  • Michael McClung, MD (USA)
  • Joseph Melton, MD (USA)
  • Paul Miller, MD, CCD (USA)
  • Richard Prince, MD, CCD (Australia)
  • Stuart Silverman, MD (USA) (representing the American Society for Bone Mineral Research)

Work Groups Developing Preliminary Position Papers

2005 PDC VFA Work Group

  • Chair –Tamara Vokes, MD, CCD
  • Donald Bachman, MD, CCD
  • Lynn Ferrar, PhD
  • Neil Binkley, MD, CCD
  • Sanford Baim, MD, CCD
  • Susan Broy, MD, CCD

2005 PDC Bone Standards Work Group

  • Chair –John Shepherd, PhD, CCD
  • Brad Eaton
  • Charles Wilson
  • Chris Gordon
  • Christopher Cann
  • Christopher Njeh
  • Chris Mitchell
  • Daniel Michaeli
  • Didier Hans, PhD
  • Gary Kiebzak, PhD, CCD
  • Harry Genant, MD
  • Jeff Franz
  • Jennifer Larsen, CDT
  • Judith Adams
  • Kevin Wilson, PhD
  • Klaus Engelke
  • Liat Tsoref
  • Mary Sherman, CDT
  • Michel Julier
  • Peg Schmeer, CDT
  • Roger Shelty
  • Siu Hui
  • Stuart Jackson
  • Thomas Fuerst, PhD
  • Thomas Hangartner
  • Willi Kalander
  • Ying Lu

2005 PDC WHO Skeletal Sites Work Group (WHOS)

  • Chair –Didier Hans, PhD
  • Robert W. Downs, MD, CCD
  • François Duboeuf, PhD
  • Ignac Fogelman, MD, PhD
  • Susan Greenspan, MD, CCD
  • Larry Jankowski, CDT
  • Gary M. Kiebzak, PhD, CCD

2005 PDC WHO Populations Work Group (WHOP)

  • Chair –Bill Leslie, MD
  • Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan, MD
  • Robert A. Adler, MD, CCD
  • Nelson Watts, MD, CCD
  • Paul Miller, MD, CCD
  • Anthony Hodsman, MD
  • Michael McClung, MD

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