New OsteoFlash® Format

OsteoFlash® will have a new primary responsibility beginning with this, the first newsletter of 2005. OsteoFlash® will serve as a means of communication between ISCD regional representatives and the membership. Regional representatives are a free resource for ISCD members, allowing individuals to inquire about public policy and technical issues relevant to bone densitometry. These inquiries are currently addressed on a one-to-one basis, hopefully providing a prompt and meaningful service. However, there often are similar issues being raised throughout the country.

OsteoFlash® will now post selected questions and answers from regional representatives so that members from other regions will be aware of these issues. If questions are raised that are not completely resolved at the time of posting on this site, subsequent issues will provide follow-up. As appropriate, the chairman of the public policy committee will submit a committee report in order to keep membership informed about issues of international importance. Timely reviews of topics relevant to clinical densitometry and osteoporosis will continue to be posted as deemed appropriate by the chairman of the Public Policy Committee and the OsteoFlash® editor.

Currently there is a regional representative system established for the United States and Canada, with other regions of the world soon to be included. The United States regional representative system is comprised of seven (7) regions whereas there are four (4) regions in Canada. Each region has at least one public policy representative, a clinical scientific representative and a technologist scientific representative. Each is listed under their region with an e-mail address to help facilitate communication. A discussion of the types of questions that are appropriate for the regional representatives and a detailing of the responsibilities of the representatives can be found at When contacting one of your representatives with a question, include your full name and title, clinic or facility name, location and phone number.

Last modified: December 17, 2012