As a service to professionals in the field of Bone Densitometry, ISCD has developed a number of tools. The Precision Calculating Tool and Bone Loss Calculator are available to all registered visitors. The Advanced Precision Calculating Tool and the Cross Calibration Tool are only available for access by ISCD members. If you have any problems accessing the tools please contact

All technical questions about the calculators and their use should be directed to one of our experts who are available via email to answer your questions. Please submit your questions via the “Ask an Expert” system.

The ISCD Bone Densitometry Precision Calculating Tool is available in both Basic and Advanced forms. The basic version is available as an online program as well as an excel file. The advanced calculator is also available as an online program as well as an excel file.

The Bone Loss Calculator is available as both an online program and in Excel format. This calculator can be used to determine when to repeat a bone density test. To use this calculator, you must enter the patient’s T-score. Click Here to see our available calculators.

The ISCD DXA Machine Cross Calibration Tool is designed for those who purchase a new DXA machine and need to cross calibrate the numbers. As referenced in the ISCD 2005 Official Positions this tool will calculate the average BMD relationship and least significant change between the initial and new machine. This tool is made available online to ISCD members through an agreement with The Regents of the University of California who are the developers and copyright holders of the software. Individuals must agree they will not distribute the tool to any third party prior to accessing it.

Read the disclaimer to proceed to the tool.

FRAX is a computer-based algorithm which uses easily obtained clinical risk factors to estimate an individual’s 10-year fracture probability. It may be utilized by clinicians to assist in the identification of patients at high risk for fractures. In 2010 ISCD and IOF convened a FRAX Position Development Conference in Bucharest Romania, resulting in Joint Official Positions on FRAX adopted by both Organizations. FRAX is available as an web based calculator, desktop calculator, and a mobile app. Visit the FRAX website for complete information.

ISCD maintains a separate list of calculators but does not officially endorse them.


Last modified: July 22, 2019