Each year at the ISCD’s Annual Meeting, ISCD members are recognized for their service to the ISCD and to the field of densitometry. Click here to view a complete listing of Past ISCD award recipients. To review the nominations process and eligibility requirements – click here.

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Award Descriptions
Nominations are accepted during the designated time for the following awards:

General Criteria for Awards Process:

  1. The following individuals cannot be nominated for awards:
    a. Current Officers of ISCD
    b. Current members of the Awards Committee
    c. Previous awardees may not receive the same award twice, however, they can be nominated for a receive another award.
  2. Members of the Awards Committee may not submit nominations nor write letters of recommendation for nominees.
  3. Nominees not selected for the prior year are not automatically carried forward to the current year of nomination. A new nomination must be submitted each year for each award.
  4. There is not a requirement that a specific award has to be made each year.  Additionally, one or more individuals can share an award in the same year.
  5. Chair of Awards Committee is the Immediate Past President.
  6. The committee is comprised of up to 12 members appointed by the President.
Current Officers 2017 - 2018:
John J. Carey, MB, BCh, MS, CCD
Robert Blank, MD, PhD, FACP, CCD
Christopher R. Shuhart, MD, MHA, CCD
Kate T. Queen, MD, CCD
Anita Colquhoun, M.R. T. (N), CDT
John A. Shepherd, PhD, CCD
Awards Committee 2017 - 2018
John Shepherd, PhD, CCD – Chair
John J. Carey, MB, BCh, MS, CCD
Neil C. Binkley, MD, CCD
Heidi H. Kecskemethy, RD, CSP, CBDT
Janet Hasley, CBDT
Catalina Poiana, M.D., Ph.D., CCD, FACE
Nelson B. Watts, MD, CCD

2017 Award Winners

Last modified: November 2, 2017