President’s Message

It is a great honour and privilege to be President of our amazing society for 2017-2018. Thanks a million to the many terrific friends, colleagues, mentors and ISCD members who encouraged and supported me to take on this role, most especially my family. All of us work diligently and make many sacrifices for ISCD, moulding it into a tremendous society and a beacon of excellence in densitometry on a global stage. As we collectively continue our efforts, I accept my leadership responsibility with nervous excitement. Perhaps someone who persuaded the eminent board of directors to play ‘Galway Bay’ on the Irish whistle at the annual meeting deserves a chance!

Together we have been supporting and educating each other in quality clinical densitometry for almost 3 decades. Over the past 18 years I had the privilege and pleasure to meet members and guests from all over the world, many of whom have become dear friends, esteemed colleagues and incredibly successful academics, clinicians, technologists, business people and family members! This journey has been terrific, but is far from finished.

DXA played a pivotal role in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in osteoporosis. Access to quality BMD testing remains essential today for all osteoporosis services. Since criteria for diagnosing osteoporosis using central DXA technology were first proposed, ISCD has endorsed, clarified, and modified the role and validity of DXA and other technologies, tools, measurements, and applications. In these efforts we have partnered with many other organisations, particularly IOF, to develop, endorse, train, certify and promote quality densitometry and fracture risk assessment worldwide. All deserve huge respect for putting quality first. Staying abreast of the tools and technologies available is challenging for individuals, but ISCD is the organisation at the helm.

Challenges are opportunities, problems require solutions. We hear of a “crisis” in bone health today. ISCD is promoting and providing solutions. Immense progress in densitometry has occurred over the past 3 decades, concomitant with therapeutic development, and evolution of management. Unfortunately recognition of the profound impact of fractures, and support for quality bone health programmes to prevent, assess and manage them remains sub-optimal. Strategies linking quality care to payment are effective and established practice in health; similar application to quality densitometry is required.  The one sacrifice we cannot make is the quality of clinical care we provide for our patients.

An Irish President once said: “we need to move beyond standard setting… and make those standards a reality for people everywhere.” ISCD sets the standards, all of us must implement them. As a member and supporter, I urge you and your colleagues to get involved in ISCD to support quality densitometry in your facility, and around the world, and help us on our journey. As your president all I ask of you is to do three things this year:

  1. Start one initiative in your local organisation to promote quality densitometry
  2. Join and get involved in ISCD so we can support you in your efforts, and work together to promote quality densitometry everywhere.
  3. Get involved at a national level, wherever you live, to promote quality densitometry.


I welcome any opportunity to hear from, or meet with you and to support you on behalf of ISCD. Our aim is to inspire each other to bring out the best in all of us working together to help our patients. We invite you to partner with us and your other organisations to promote quality densitometry.

? John. ?

John J. Carey, MB, BCh, MS, CCD
President of the ISCD (

Last modified: April 21, 2017